Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Work is Underway!

We are starting to dive into doing lots of Kindergarten work and getting into our usual daily routine. Here is what we have been working on!

Counting to 10
Writing numbers to 7

Adding details to our stories
Being brave writers
How to hold a pencil

Identifying Letters
Letter sounds
Independent reading
How to hold/look at book
Turning and talking to partners about books/stories

Classroom Routines
How to clean up
How to work independently
Packing and unpacking all of our materials
Following directions the first time
Raising our hand rather than shouting out
Washing our hands

Social Skills
Using problem solving/kind words
Keeping hands to ourselves
Using school appropriate language
Sharing with friends
Using inside voices

New this week:
- student best work board
- October writing journals

This month our class earned the Rockstar Music Award!
Each month one class is chosen out of Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade.
Our class was chosen for the K-2 award! This meant that the students have been using listening ears, participating, and doing a great job!

Important Dates:
October 10th - Early Release
October 11th - No School
October 14th - No School
October 22nd - Parent Teacher Conferences
October 24th - Parent Teacher Conferences
October 30th - Kooky Spooky

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

We Had a Butterfly!

One of our classmates brought in a chrysalis to our classroom a few weeks ago and last week it hatched! After about 5-6 days our chrysalis began to darken and hatched right in the middle of snack time. The kiddos were SO excited and voted to name the butterfly "Elsa Snowball." We tried giving Elsa Snowball a little sugar and letting her wings dry before we set her free in the afternoon.

After eating snack outdoors we were joined by another class to set our butterfly free and talk about how butterflies migrate all the way to warmer places like Mexico for the winter. After taking the stick she was on out of the container she seemed to know exactly what to do and was off! The students were so excited to see and we have had lots of conversations about butterflies.

I am thinking perhaps we need a class pet. That will have to be our next order of business!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Our First Few Weeks

Our First Few Weeks!        

       Kindergarten is underway and the kiddos have been doing all sorts of activities! We are learning kindergarten routines such as morning meeting, washing hands before snack and lunch, quiet boxes, rug and work expectations, and the kiddos made a poster for class behavior goals as well. They chose:
                       1. Eyes and ears on the speaker
                       2. Sitting in our own square on the rug
                       3. Walking feet in school
                       4. Quiet voices
                       5. Cleaning up our activities and putting them back
                       6. Keep our hands to ourselves
                       7. School appropriate play and words
                       8. Please do something the first time
                       9. Raise your hand
They students really liked being able to create their own expectations and contribute to our class.

       We have started our reading program and the students are listening to stories and discussing them with their class partners. We are also adding to our alphabet song each day - giving each letter and letter sound a movement.

       We have practiced counting and writing numbers to 5. Some numbers are incredibly tricky to write but I am so proud of their hard work when they try! Our number rhymes are as follows:
                       1. A straight line down, makes a 1 a lot of fun.
                       2. Around the bend and straight to you, makes the number 2.
                       3. Around the tree, around the tree, makes a number 3.
                       4. Half way down, then turn right - a tall straight stick and a 4's
                           in sight.

                       5. Go down and around and then you stop! Finish your 5 with a 
                           line on top.

We have practiced righting on paper, whiteboards, and using our fingers in the air.

     Writing is also underway! The students have been creating stories and I see some kiddos including letters and even labeling their picture already with letter sounds! They have such creative minds and I am excited to see where they continue to go during writing time.

     The students are doing great so far and I can't wait to see them continue to learn and grow!